Panther Z Club and Flatirons Golden Z Club Inspire Leaders


Established in 1948, the Z Club and Golden Z Club program is one of Zonta International's longest-running programs. Our Boulder High School PantherZ Z Club and Flatirons Golden Z club help high-school, college and university students develop leadership skills, promote career exploration and encourage members to participate in community, school and international service projects.


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Founded in 2011, our Boulder High School PantherZ Z club has seen over 200 young women graduate from high school with 95% continuing on to a 2 or 4 year accredited institution. We are proud that some 65% continue on as members of our Flatirons Golden Z Club.

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What we’ve accomplished:

1. Panther Z Club placed second internationally for the ZI Emma L. Conlon Award.

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The Boulder High PantherZ Z Club was recognized by Zonta International. They placed 2nd for the Emma L Conlon Award, given out annually to three Z Clubs from around the world to recognizes clubs whose work best express the ideals of Zonta International.

2. Four Flatirons Golden Z Club members graduated from college in 2019.


Four of our founding Flatirons Golden Z Club members graduated from local universities in May of 2019. All the first members of their families to graduate from high school, now they are on their way to careers as teachers, social workers and restorative justice advocates.

3. Each year both clubs bring more than thirty volunteers to support Boulder’s Share-a-Gift program as bilingual volunteers helping local families.

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Z and Golden Z members come out in force at Boulder’s Share-a-Gift to help Boulder County families celebrate their holidays. They help moms and dads work their way through the “Toy Shop” to pick up dolls, trucks, stuffed animals, books and all kinds of toys for this children. In 2018 their work helped over 880 families representing more than 2600 children!